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Film catalogue

The DAAcademy catalogue introduces European documentary film in a wide variety of creative approaches and topics. It includes acclaimed filmmakers of world documentary cinema (Michael Glawogger, Jörgen Leth, Helena Třeštíková and others) as well as contemporary films selected from recent editions of European documentary film festivals. Each film is accompanied by a unique film lesson analysing the film language as well as the way in which the filmmakers develop the film’s topic. The films and lessons are designed for teachers at secondary schools and universities.

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  • The film lessons can be used individually or continuously within a regular film group or seminar.



A sensitive documentary portrait of a young woman embarking on a journey of discovery of the deaf community, as she herself is facing an almost complete loss of hearing. With subtle use of filmic language, the director, the sister of the protagonist, helps the viewer to also experience hearing loss and its implications.

At Home in the World

Intensive probes into the lives of five refuge children at a Danish Red Cross school introduce the life of asylum seekers. Waiting and changes, hopes and insecurities are faced not only by the children and their families but also by the teachers.

The Visit - Versailles

The singular journey of an exceptional duo in a nonetheless exceptional place: the palace of Versailles, where actors Bobo and Michael Lonsdale comment on history, arts, and life. A reflection on language and time, as well as a daring yet soothing story of the “small” among that of the big, the rich, the powerful.


The formal simplicity of the poetic film opens up a space for the understanding of the relations between the cinematic means of expression and the possibilities of capturing reality. In its minimalist gestures, the film slowly puts the viewer‘s perspective in the role of the film’s protagonist.

Eugene Gabana - The Petrol Man

The reenactment documentary from the capital city of Burkina Faso follows the life of young Eugène, a mobile phone dealer. Without a voice-over and a purely subjective account of the protagonists, it leaves it up to the viewers to reflect on Eugene’s relationship to money and the role of the history of West Africa.

My Other Country

Original in style, Swedish director Solveig Nordlund’s film presents a very personal account of the social changes in Portugal since the 1960s until the present day. Using archive footage and fiction film sequences, she creates a multilayered and compelling testimony of the struggle for social justice.