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At Home in the World

About lesson: 

2x 90 min / age 12+ / activities

About film: 

Andreas Koefoed / 2015 / Denmark / 58 min  

Annotation of the lesson: 

The Danish Red Cross school provides a temporary refuge to refugee children from various countries of the world. Through the film, we get closer to them, we can see them learn Danish, play at the playground and sooner or later leave the school. The film captures the importance of this temporary refuge and its influence on selected child protagonists. The probes into the lives of five of them show the individual stage of integration in the new country as well as the fact that all of the children are affected by war traumas and their difficult family situation. Although the film is shot in an observational mode, the choice of shots and the way of editing show a certain directorial intent. We will focus on the way the film tells the story of these children and their families. In the first part of the lesson, after sharing the viewing experience, we will focus on the analysis of the depiction of the five protagonists. We will specify the positive and negative aspects of the observational mode of shooting and reflect on the meaning-making role of the sound element of the film. In the second part of the lesson, we will analyse the story of Magomed in more detail. The lesson is completed by suggested questions for discussion.